Challenges 2018

At the International Swiss Talent Forum 2018, participants will be challenged by a group of experts (“Challengers”) to solve an issue relevant to their specific areas of expertise within the broader topic of urbanisation. Below you find preliminary information on the topical background of the five Challenges. At the Forum, there will be a detailed briefing about the specific question(s) of each Challenge.


The urban challenge

Cities are attractive because they are places of opportunity – they offer a variety of economic benefits, they present cultural and social connectivity to their inhabitants, and they centralize services and increase accessibility to these services, creating places of high dynamism and constant change. In recent decades, accelerated globalization has connected cities like never before.

But cities also present challenges. The prospect of opportunity drives rapid population expansion, which must be met through adequate planning and management. The urban population is less self-sufficient, relying heavily on services like water, electricity, food, waste disposal, security, and transportation. But because of the complexity of cities, managing these services, and ensuring people can access them, and rely on them, is increasingly difficult.


ISTF Challenges

Smart Cities Challenge | ISTF 2018
Governance of intellectual property for future city systems Future cities need to be designed and built smart (Video Smart Cities) ...
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Smart Home Challenge | ISTF 2018
Digitization in our households Our World and our everyday life are getting more and more digitised. Digitisation impacts on all ...
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Urban Resilience Challenge | ISTF 2018
The complexity of city life Cities have become the hubs of our modern society. Already more than half of the ...
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Energy Consumption Challenge | ISTF 2018
The 2000 Watt Society of modern cities In the newly released IEA 2017 World Energy Outlook “New Policies Scenario”, the ...
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Urban Hospitality Challenge | ISTF 2018
Building a welcoming city Cities have always been a world of strangers; that is a place where people who don’t ...
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