Challenges 2019


ISTF’s mission is to convene strategists, key opinion leaders and relevant stakeholders from research, management and the corporate world to share practical, ground breaking insights from the front lines of their work. The role of these experts is to challenge participants to answer a specific question or to solve a particular issue under the broad topic of World Food. We call these experts ‘Challengers’, and each Challenger works with two groups of participants over the four days.

Each participant gets assigned to a workgroup of seven international members and tackles one of the Challenges with the support of dedicated coaches. Groups will follow a structured innovation process and get inspiration for their work from the Challengers, Keynote speeches, panel discussions, impulse speeches, and during informal and formal exchanges with other groups. At the end of the Forum each team will present their ideas in a public closing event.


Challenges 2020

World Food - Fair Access Challenge | ISTF 2020
Exclusive intellectual property rights as a means to fair food distribution The right to adequate food is a universal human ...
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World Food - Food Waste/Food Loss Challenge | ISTF 2020
The global food system is characterized by the following most important characteristics: The availability of food and the access to ...
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World Food - Increasing Agricultural Productivity Challenge | ISTF 2020
The UN FAO estimates that overall food production has to rise by 50-70% to guarantee global food security by 2050 ...
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World Food - Systems with Organic Agriculture Challenge | ISTF 2020
Transformation of Food Systems with Organic Agriculture The current agricultural food production has adverse effects on regulating (e.g. pest and ...
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World Food - The Plastic Packaging Challenge | ISTF 2020
Is plastic packaging a good or a bad thing? Introduced to the mass market in the 50’ only, plastics in ...
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