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Creativity, the ability to generate novel and useful ideas, is the seed of innovation, but unless it’s applied and scaled, it’s still just an idea. 

David Burkus

Innovation Process

Creative and innovative thinking is key to tackling the main topic at this event!
Supported by experienced moderators
, innovation-coaches and media professionals,
 follow a structured, yet open process based on the principle of co-creation. 

Preparation phase: before the Forum, selected participants connect as digital tribes in an online social network to get to know their fellow team members and to receive preparatory scientific materials relevant to their given Challenge.

At the Forum, Plenary Sessions inspire the ISTF participants in the main auditorium and set the tone through expert talks, impulse speeches, a creative session, one-on-one debates, and informal and formal exchanges with other groups. Our “Topic Leader”, a leading voice in the Artificial Intelligence research community, will open the ISTF with a keynote speech, and will engage the Challengers in a panel discussion, highlighting the event’s core messages by connecting the dots between topics and speakers in unexpected ways, adding additional layers of meaning.

Work Sessions are at the core of the symposium. Groups of seven participants engage with the five Challengers in three cycles of highly interactive discussions and debates, deliberating over the potential solutions or answers to their specific challenge.

Co-Creation: Within Cycle 1, each group is briefed by their Challenger and then defines their project work to develop their research commitment. Within Cycle 2, there will be plenty of space for innovation. Using a variety of techniques to encourage out-of-the-box thinking, participants will draw on their creativity to find novel and visionary ideas and solutions relevant to their designated questions. In Cycle 3, participants will describe and visualise their best ideas, aiming to create meaningful changefor a constructive, sustainable, and livable future.

Output: On the last day of the Forum, a representative of each group presents the group’s ideas in a 15-minute pitch at the public closing event. The format of the final presentation is largely open. The Coaches and Media Team will be happy to share potential presentation ideas, techniques and formats with you.

  • Cycle 1: briefing => defining the problem => researching the topic
  • Cycle 2: dreaming => ideation => possible solutions
  • Cycle 3: building a story => visualizing concepts & ideas for public presentations






United by the passion for creativity and precise, targeted communication, our coaching team is there to support and empower participants in the creative process that drives innovation and creates impact. By guiding participants through the three-cycle co-creation process, work groups are equipped to maximise their innovation potential, to implement agile thinking methods, and to engage a startup mindset to their ideas.

Check back here soon! ISTF 2020 Coaches, Speakers and Special guests will be announced here later in the year.