ISTF 2019


Each year, the ISTF Committee chooses an annual topic from the realms of management, science, politics and society. Our aim is to capture and condense the most relevant debates currently shaping the world around us and bring them front and center at the ISTF in Switzerland.

The 8th ISTF will take place from February 6 – 9th 2019 under the following topic:


Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is intelligence developed and exhibited by machines. It is perhaps the most significant technological advance of the future, and many day-to-day activities are already supported by machines and processes that rely on Artificial Narrow Intelligence (ANI), like smart phones and search engines, which are far better than humans at completing specialist tasks. The advance to ‘strong’, or human-level AI has not yet been reached, despite the level of scientific effort being directed at advancement. Even so, AI development has occurred more quickly than expected, especially in the AI sub-domain of machine learning, which is the basis on which machine intelligence is developing.

Within just a few years Artificial Intelligence has jumped from sci-fi movie plots into mainstream news headlines and is considered by many to be the basis on which the Fourth Industrial Revolution will proceed. While the speed at which this technology will become a part of everyday work and life continues to be debated, there is no question that the technology will have positive (and negative) implications for society. Is AI either a technological leap into greater prosperity or mass unemployment? Will it be our most valuable servant or terrifying master? What if machines become so highly developed that humans will not be able to keep up?

Whether bringing positive or negative implications for society, it is already clear that AI is set to be revolutionary to humankind, requiring some dramatic culture shifts. At ISTF 2019 we want to delve deeply into this highly topical, exciting discussion. The 70 top-talented ISTF 2019 participants will bring their combined natural intelligence together to deliberate over the future of Artificial Intelligence and to develop a blueprint for a future that is supported by Artificial Intelligence.


Schedule ISTF 2019

  • When: 
    Wednesday 06th to Saturday 09th February 2019
  • Where:  
    Hotel Sempachersee, Nottwil
  • Participants: 
    70 top-talented young adults aged 18 to 22 years. Please note that participation is possible on grounds of invitation only
    (see details in the application section)
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Invitation to the public closing event


Location – Hotel Sempachersee