Review | IWRW Week 2018

Between the 21-28 July 2018 the 29th International Wildlife Research Week was held in the Val Müstair. 23 teenagers from ten different European countries were working for one week on ecologicalbehavioural & systematic questions of the local fauna and flora. Examples of study questions are as follows; Are lost hikers in the alpine forest able to navigate via lichen observationDo different activities in Alpine chamois and Alpine ibex influence intraspecific individual distanceHow does brown trout affect the water insect abundance and diversity in the alpine streamsWhich meadow types are richest in grasshopper species?



It is a great opportunity to get to know more about wildlife, how a real scientist works in the field and how to write a good project report. On top of that, I got to know amazing people and work with them. Finally, the landscape was just breathtaking.  Rita Szalai

It was a very informative week in which I met many new people and was overwhelmed with a lot of knowledge. I think it was great that we had the opportunity to get an insight into the world of research. I would recommend this week to everyone, because you learn to communicate all day in English and to work with strangers. One would like to wish that the week never ends! It was one of the best vacation project weeks of my life.  Anna Sodina Marugg


It was an amazing week, not only because of the mountains, nature, wildlife and so on, but mostly because of the excursions, field work, atmosphere and finally, of course because of the awesome leaders. Karolina Bodláková


Final Reports from IWRW 2018