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„It was simply spoken great! I would have never thought that it would be as amazing as it was. There were so many great people,​ topics, discussions, etc. If I were able to, I would not have slept a second!​“
Anna Räss, Switzerland  

„I was so impressed at how well we got along and​ managed to work as a team, leveraging each individual’s abilities.​“
João Araújo, Portugal

„I cannot deny that the ISTF has been a one-of-kind experience, whose memory I will treasure for the rest of my life. The most enriching part by far has been getting to know so many interesting people from such a vast variety of cultural backgrounds.“
Fernando Castro Prado, Spain

„Well organised from beginning to the end with amazing people in a picturesque location. The activities were engaging and the topic relevant and highly interesting.​“
Karl-Ander Kasuk, Estonia

„Great event! The flow and interaction between participants was top notch.“
Steven Harris, Ireland

„The forum was an incredible experience that provided we with the chance to learn and discover never concepts and ideas from a range of different sources. It was a unique experience I would have never had otherwise that has changed me for the better.“
Christine Addae-Kyereme, UK

„I was thoroughly impressed with the freedom and responsibility which the participants were entrusted with in solving the given challenges. Most of all I enjoyed meeting all the other participants which all had different stories to tell as well as different yet great skills they applied when solving the challenges.“
Vifill Hardarson, Iceland

„It was the first time I managed to work this well in a team and actually end up loving everyone in 3 days.“
Daphne Roumba, Cyprus

„I enjoyed the ISTF, and treasure the friendships forged with new people. It is amazing how we are able to create something within a short span of time! Feeling really inspired after the sessions!“
Lee Jia Min, Singapore

„I was very impressed by the effective and productive teamwork. Contributing to the solution of our Challenge was great fun and the location was perfect.“
Felix Leon Braun, Germany


Group Presentations


Smart Cities Challenge | Group 1A & 1B


Smart Home Challenge | Group 2A & 2B


Urban Resilience Challenge | Group 3A & 3B


Energy Consumption Challenge | Group 4A & 4B

Urban Hospitality Challenge | Group 5A & 5B


>> Management Summaries

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