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« It was simply spoken great! I would have never thought that it would be as amazing as it was. There were so many great people,​ topics, discussions, etc. If I were able to, I would not have slept a second!​ »
Anna Räss, Switzerland  

« I was so impressed at how well we got along and​ managed to work as a team, leveraging each individual’s abilities.​ »
João Araújo, Portugal

« I cannot deny that the ISTF has been a one-of-kind experience, whose memory I will treasure for the rest of my life. The most enriching part by far has been getting to know so many interesting people from such a vast variety of cultural backgrounds. »
Fernando Castro Prado, Spain

« Well organised from beginning to the end with amazing people in a picturesque location. The activities were engaging and the topic relevant and highly interesting.​ »
Karl-Ander Kasuk, Estonia

« Great event! The flow and interaction between participants was top notch. »
Steven Harris, Ireland

« The forum was an incredible experience that provided we with the chance to learn and discover never concepts and ideas from a range of different sources. It was a unique experience I would have never had otherwise that has changed me for the better. »
Christine Addae-Kyereme, UK

« I was thoroughly impressed with the freedom and responsibility which the participants were entrusted with in solving the given challenges. Most of all I enjoyed meeting all the other participants which all had different stories to tell as well as different yet great skills they applied when solving the challenges. »
Vifill Hardarson, Iceland

« It was the first time I managed to work this well in a team and actually end up loving everyone in 3 days. »
Daphne Roumba, Cyprus

« I enjoyed the ISTF, and treasure the friendships forged with new people. It is amazing how we are able to create something within a short span of time! Feeling really inspired after the sessions! »
Lee Jia Min, Singapore

« I was very impressed by the effective and productive teamwork. Contributing to the solution of our Challenge was great fun and the location was perfect. »
Felix Leon Braun, Germany


Group Presentations


Smart Cities Challenge | Group 1A & 1B


Smart Home Challenge | Group 2A & 2B


Urban Resilience Challenge | Group 3A & 3B


Energy Consumption Challenge | Group 4A & 4B


Urban Hospitality Challenge | Group 5A & 5B


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