Review | Studienwoche | Biology & Medicine

Zwischen dem 18. – 24. März 2018 fand die letzte Studienwoche „Biology & Medicine“ statt. Die Austragungsorte waren dieses Jahr die Universität Bern, Zürich und Genf, als auch die EPFL. Die Projektarbeiten der Teilnehmenden wurden dieses Jahr an der EPFL der Öffentlichkeit vorgestellt. Die 33 Projekte der insgesamt 43 Teilnehmenden waren enorm divers. Behandelt wurden Fragestellungen aus der Krebsforschung, Gewebeaufbau, Immunsystem, Photosynthese, Malaria, paläontologische Systematik und viele mehr.



„It was a week full of learning, fun and interesting exchange with people working at the university and in the lab. I enjoyed experiencing the working life in a lab for a week. To meet passionated students from all over Switzerland was AMAZING!“

Lucie Gardaz


„It was like going very far from home, almost to another dimension for one week. You’re surprised of what you’re able to learn and do in only one week and get to know more amazing people.“

Yasmina Jemili


„Wonderful experience, I was very lucky to be a part of it.“

Alicia Reuse


„It was a very good experience to see what the life of a scientist looks like. You have to be quite interested in the field about which the study week is about, because you’ll learn much detail and some previous knowledge makes it easier for you to keep up. But if you can identify with the previous points, it’s definitely a great experience.“

Leon Guggenheim


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