Review | Settimane di studio | Fascinating Informatics

Dal 10 al 16 settembre 2017 si è svolta presso l’Università di Berna, la FHNW di Brugg-Windisch e l’Università della svizzera italiana (USI) l’ultima edizione della settimana di studio “Fascinating Informatics”. La presentazione al pubblico dei progetti realizzati ha avuto luogo all’USI.





“It was very fascinating and I learned a lot about informatics. But for me, the most important T hing was that I got to know so many cool people with the same interests. It was a great experience and I would totally recommend this week to all my friends.”

Tobias Lässer


“One of my best camps.”

Yasmina Jemili


“I learned a lot, not only in programming, but also as to how one writes a scientific report. It was truly an enriching experience.”

Louise Genoud




>> Indoor Localization

>> Liquid Camera

>> Mastermind

>> Multiplayer Game

>> N-Body Simulation Report

>> Notification Display

>> Object Recognition

>> Visual Programming Of Microcontrollers