Review Swiss Talent Forum 2009

The Energy Challenge

The first ever Swiss Talent Forum grouped together 124 of Europe’s brightest thinkers, who met in Thun to discuss the energy challenge of the future.

The future energy supply of Switzerland and the world is not seen as simply guaranteed anymore. Therefore, alternative solutions need to be found. At the first Swiss Talent Forum, which was held in January 2009, 140 young thinkers gathered together to find new answers to “The Energy Challenge”.

During four intense days, ten groups generated many fresh and interesting ideas, together with experts from different fields. Highlights were certainly the keynote speeches from Philipp M. Hildebrandt and Dr. Bertrand Piccard, which encouraged new ideas. At the end of the event, the participants presented their solutions to the media.

The groups with the most promising ideas got invited to a Workshop after the main event, where business professionals, politicians and scientists listened to them and helped them to launch their own projects. The ideas and efforts of these projects were brought together under the “Energy Labeling” project. This projects aim is to make visible the amount of energy that was used for the production of any given product, which raises the awareness of our energy use in different areas. To reach its aim, this group engages in different activities, such as lobbying the parliament to create such an Energy Label, pressuring the major grocery stores in Switzerland or raising awareness amongst the Swiss population for their label.

All the other STF-teams got the opportunity to present their ideas at the “Night of Sciences” at the University of Bern. All in all, the first Swiss Talent Forum was a huge success and we want to thank all the sponsors who made this event possible and of course the fantastic participants.