Smart Home Challenge | ISTF 2018

Digitization in our households

Our World and our everyday life are getting more and more digitised. Digitisation impacts on all sectors in our economy – the public and private sector, the administration and on new product development for our households. Digitisation is influencing the quality of life in cities and in our households. The question is, which impact will be dominant and which opportunities and which risks will we face in the future?

Residents of households in cities will use more and more so-called smart products. These are digital, intelligent online solutions: Lighting that you can control from anywhere. Music that plays automatically in all rooms according to your preferences. Cameras and sensors that alert you when something is happening. Everything controlled by apps, voice and gestures.

ICT will be our every day companion. We’ll be always online, as will our products. The Internet of things is becoming reality. If we use these new technologies for good, our quality of life will improve in ecological, social or societal ways.




Challenger | Marius Schlegel, Swisscom AG

Swisscom since 2012: Senior Corporate Responsibility Manager and Deputy Teamleader Corporate Responsibility; responsible for Climate-friendly services, Swisscom Mobile Aid, WWF partnership and energy and climate policies.

2006-2012: Head of Corporate Sustainability Axpo Holding, responsible for group wide Sustainability strategy, implementation and reporting.
1999-2005: Consultant at BHB Brugger and Partners Ltd. for sustainability strategies for private and public sector.


Challenger | Mathias Kienholz, Swisscom AG

Swisscom since 2004 in different roles in innovation, strategy and product management Electrical Engineer ETH by education. Currently Head of Product Management Access and Communication Services at Swisscom; Leading product management teams for cloud services ( and Home / Smart Home services; Leading and sponsoring of business development projects.

2012: Assignment to Start-up Poken as a product manager
Former positions: product management mobile at SBB, Software Development at Siemens, IT Support Zurich