World Food – Increasing Agricultural Productivity Challenge | ISTF 2020

The UN FAO estimates that overall food production has to rise by 50-70% to guarantee global food security by 2050.

A report on Climate Change and Land, published in August 2019 by the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) states that the world’s land and water resources are being exploited at unprecedented rates, which combined with climate change is putting great pressure on the ability of humanity to feed itself. According to the report, the time window to address this threat is closing rapidly.

Increasing agricultural productivity is a key factor to address this challenge. Resource efficiency in agriculture and climate change are interlinked. How do we sustainably increase agricultural productivity and build resilience to climate change?

The team will explore the factors affecting the dynamics of agricultural productivity increase in the last 50 years and ways of increasing productivity considering the economic, social and ecological aspects of it.



Challenger | Dr. Camilla Corsi, Global Head Crop Protection Research, Syngenta

Camilla is responsible for the invention of novel chemicals and biologicals for biotic and abiotic stress management. She leads our CP Research organization, which delivers excellence in design, synthesis and biological evaluation to discover, optimize and develop industry-leading solutions. A chemist by training, she has been with Syngenta since 2004, holding various leadership roles across Chemistry and Portfolio.

Camilla has made a particularly significant contribution to the invention and development of Syngenta’s fungicide SDHI class (sedaxane, isopyrazam, Solatenol™ and Adepidyn™) and to the shape and quality of the existing crop protection research pipeline.