World Food – The Plastic Packaging Challenge | ISTF 2020

Is plastic packaging a good or a bad thing?
Introduced to the mass market in the 50’ only, plastics in general have helped improve living standards, hygiene and nutrition around the world, especially in developing countries. Plastic is versatile, durable, malleable, low-cost, and often has a lower carbon footprint versus alternative materials. Rapid increases in incomes and prosperity have brought many of the conveniences of modern life, and to modern consumption patterns, boosting the requirement for plastic. As a result, used plastics have become a major global environmental challenge. The negative impact of used plastics is taking proportions such that we need to rethink and change how we produce, use, and reuse plastic for packaging.

The challenge
The alarm has sounded on the plastic crisis. To approach this major complex challenge, think of yourself, think of yourself as an NGO, or a relevant UN agency, looking at the issue in a global and systemic fashion. These recommendations have to be bold and courageous, but yet, for the sake of conveying your message in a crisp and compelling way, highlighting the set of actions that will have the biggest positive impact.


Challenger | Christian Nils Schwab, Executive Director, Integrative Food & Nutrition Centre EPFL

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