International Swiss Talent Forum

ISTF is organised over four exciting days, and revolves around a single, globally significant topic. Swiss Youth in Science unites 70 highly talented and motivated young people in Switzerland, giving them the task to collaboratively find novel solutions for this issue. The meeting is led by an internationally recognised Topic Leader, typically from academia, and the participants’ work is guided by a group of experts, who challenge participants with a question relevant to a specific aspect of the ISTF main theme. The work of each group is guided by a dedicated coach. To find realistic, culturally appropriate solutions to the globally relevant solution, the ISTF draws participants from more than 25 countries.

Objective of YOUR work

At the ISTF, we’re challenging you and your colleagues to find novel and thought-provoking ideas around the annual theme. It’s a chance for you to contribute to shaping the future of your generation. With the support of your coaches, each group of seven international participants will develop ideas that will be presented on the last day of the Forum.

Your final idea should fit into the following criteria:

  • It’s been collaboratively developed
  • You believe it is relevant and important for society at large
  • You believe it will solve a particular issue for a certain audience
  • You really LIKE the idea!


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“The ISTF experience has been nothing short of amazing. The programme has well achieved a fine balance between the provision of information and the opportunity for creativity. It has been an intellectually stimulating and personally fulfilling experience.” Cassandra, Singapore

“The ISTF was one of the best experiences I ever made! Getting in contact with so many highly talented and motivated people from all around the world was amazing!”
Jonas, Schweiz

“The ISTF 2019 was a wonderful and unique experience for me! The venue was perfect, the whole Forum was organized extremely professionally, and I was thrilled to meet so many fascinating and inspiring people.”
Luc, Schweiz


“I’ve never met so many awesome friends in such a short space of time. I was up every day from 6:30am to 2am and I didn’t even feel tired because there was always another interesting conversation with another interesting person on the horizon. I had one of the best times of my life.” Ali, UK

“That was amazing. I never expected, that something can be so interesting and challenging. The best event, in which I ever participated.”
Bogumił, Poland