About the International Swiss Talent Forum

General objective

The International Swiss Talent Forum (ISTF) is a politically independent think-tank for young adults (18 to 22 years) who are interested in and committed to addressing the universal and long-term challenges of our time. It was launched by the foundation Swiss Youth in Science in 2009 and brings talented young people to Switzerland from all over the world.

By placing students amongst experts, decision-makers and lateral-thinkers, we create a space for innovation, interaction and debate to develop new solutions to current global issues. Working closely in such a setting, participants will learn how to tackle interdisciplinary problems with solution-oriented approaches. They also have the chance to build a network of national and international contacts, which will launch their aspirations in business, science or politics.


  • 4 exciting days
  • 70 motivated young people
  • 1000 new ideas
  • Countless new insights



Objective of YOUR work

The goal of the 2018 Forum is for you to generate novel and thought provoking ideas around the topic “The Future of Urban Life” and by doing so, to shape this future for you and your generation. With the support of specialised coaches, your team of seven participants will create one or several ideas that will be presented on the last day of the forum.

Your final idea should fit into the following criteria:

  • You really LIKE the idea
  • You believe it is relevant and important for society at large
  • You believe it will help shape the way we plan the future of urban life and add value for a specific audience or group


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