International Swiss Talent Forum

For young people between 18- 23 years – Participation on invitation only!

Find novel and thought-provoking ideas around “building a resilient society”. It’s a chance for you to contribute to shaping the future of your generation. Develop new ideas with your group of international participants in our for you free event. Be part of the next International Swiss Talent Forum in February 2023 and join five exciting days with students from all over the world.

Five exciting days in a lavish camp – it’s your turn to find globally relevant solutions.

“The ISTF experience has been nothing short of amazing. The programme has well achieved a fine balance between the provision of information and the opportunity for creativity. It has been an intellectually stimulating and personally fulfilling experience.”

Cassandra, Singapore

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International Swiss Talent Forum 2025
The Future of Work

Future research presents a diversified picture of the Future of Work: human skills remain in demand, but long-term jobs become scarcer. Flexibility and lifelong learning become essential. Employers must address fears, while employees must take on more responsibility.

The future workplace will be heterogeneous, with remote work, freelancing, and other new forms of employment and organisational structures. Every organisation, whether a startup, a local small or medium- sized business, or an international corporation, must continuously engage with new possibilities.

Technology will be even more intertwined with human creation and should be tailored to the needs of each organisation, bringing opportunities and challenges for leaders and teamwork. It is on the one side an enabler –providing mobile and interconnected work environments, or through the support of digital assistants – but the risk looms of losing swarm intelligence – fuelled by direct human interactions and spontaneous discussions in the physical space?

At the International Swiss Talent Forum 2025, we want to shape the Future of Work and put people at the centre.


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Ramona Bischoff
Coach | Social Innovator
Daniel Böniger-Derron
Coach | Seasoned leader
Suzie Fuchs
Coach | Supervisor
Dominik Hanisch
Coach | Innovation Expert
Tara Welschinger
Coach | Entwicklungsberaterin mit Schwerpunkt Cultural Change Management
Boris Zigawe
Coach | Passioned Mediator

International Swiss Talent Forum 2023

Programme Leader

Julián Cancino
Programme Leader ISTF

Main partners

Fonds Verena-Guggisberg

Innovation process

Creative and innovative thinking is key to tackling the main topic at this event! Supported by experienced moderators, innovation-coaches and media professionals, participants follow a structured, yet open process based on the principle of co-creation.