Between the 17 and 24 June 2023, the International Wildlife Research Week (IWRW) was held in the Val Müstair. 23 teenagers from 10 different European countries were working for one week on ecological, behavioural & systematic questions of the local fauna and flora.

A lot of different projects could be conducted during the week. The students showed great motivation while collecting & evaluating data, writing their project reports and presenting the results on Friday to the other groups. Please read the results in the final reports at the end of the page.

“It was an amazing experience and rewarding of knowledge ” Simon Baruth, Switzerland

«It was and amazing experience, I made a lot of new friends and learned a lot of new things. At the beginning it was a bit difficult to settle in this new place but after a few days it was great. Expecially people, very nice, I hope I can see them again.» Eleonora Culot, Italy

“So, the IWRW was a really interesting experience. It allowed me to see the Alps and get a behind-the-scenes look at how research projects are done and how biologists work.“ Kevin Freitas, Luxemburg

Final Reports from IWRW 2023 (Download Link):

  • Uncovering the Relationship between Management Intensity and Plant Diversity in Val Mustair Meadows
  • Comparative analysis of ecological requirements and habitat preferences of Lilium martagon and Lilium bulbiferum in Val Müstair
  • Effects of different land use types on butterfly diversity
  • Comparing the Vipera aspis and Vipera berus in their habitat occurrence in the Val Müstair
  • From Ponds to Mountains: Unraveling the Enigmatic Lives of Biosfera Val Müstair Amphibians
  • The Dragonflies and Damselflies’ Diversity in the Val Müstair
  • The reaction of marmots after different sounds caused by human interference
  • Habitat selection of ungulates